Planet Of Kaz
This is about a warrior from earth struggle to save earth, by destroying creature from planet Kaz,
and extracting its body to regain earth energy that was absorb by creature from planet Kaz.
Its also the revenge of earth people from creature of Kaz invasion planet earth before.
Enjoy the game and please feel free to tell us ig you found any difficulties or issue in the game. Thank you.

Keyboard control
Jump = W
Left = A
Right = D
Shoot = Left Click Mouse
Shoot Target = Cursor Location
Skill Refresh = C
Skill Card 1 = 1
Skill Card 2 = 2
Skill Card 3 = 3
Dash left = double tab A
Dash right = double tab D
- See in-game instructions

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Works on Chrome, IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, and many mobile device's browser.

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