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Awesome Happy Heroes
a new simulation strategy game from LittleGiantWorld.
Happy City was a peaceful and happy city. But then suddenly, many villains comes to Happy City, making the city into chaos.
All the super heroes called to bring back the peace in the Happy City.

Filesize: 1.99mb

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Awesome Happy Heroes Official Trailer    

Awesome Happy Heroes First 5 Minutes Gameplay    

· Health - Affects heroes HP, heroes will faint if HP reach 0
· Power - Affects heroes attack damage in battle
· Speed - Affects heroes accuracy and evasion rate
· Tech - Affects heroes skill gauge fill rate per hit and skill damage
· Training Rooms can be upgraded to Level 10
· Always reserve some heroes for mission at the end of the day
· Treasure Hunting will finish faster if you assign more heroes to explore
· Make sure to have an empty slot at vault room to get item reward
· You can use Simulator Room to test your team compatibility in battle

Awesome Happy Heroes First Class

Awesome Happy Heroes available now!
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